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I had an interview here before. I spoke with basically everyone who was present that day.

Everyone was fine until I got to Sanford. Wow. ***, narcissistic, mean, awful, doesn't even begin to describe him. He's looking at my resume and YELLS at me, saying its unprofessional to have a resume with faded text.

I gave him another copy I had (everyone else I spoke to didn't mind). He tells me that if I were to get hired then I CANNOT work for anyone else. And I will have to sign a contract stating that I must work for him for at least 1 year. If I leave before then, he will make sure I don't get hired anywhere else because he has a lot of friends.

As a college graduate, he was offering me $8 an hour to work. Unbelievable. Then he goes on saying how he is going to call each and every one of my past jobs to see how I am as an employee (he didn't believe me when I said I was respectful, kind, and hard working). At this point I feel like I did something wrong here.

He does take me out for a bite to eat afterwards, which was nice. But during the meal he tells me he will email me the contract so I can sign it. I told him that I am still interviewing elsewhere, and if I could let him know in a few days. He starts flipping out saying that I wasted his time all along.

I let him know that I was never given a job offer and I never assume anything, especially during an interview. He goes on about how I am so ungrateful and rude by wasting his time. Tells me to leave the diner and email HR saying that I don't want to work. Never felt so put off by a job in my life.

I looked into it, and it turns out I am not along. Stay away from this place!

I didn't like: Sanford wilk.

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